Frequently Asked Questions
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This is my first time. What do I do now?
Check out our menu page. Choose your favorite cookies. Once you complete the online reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. The driver will notify you within an hour of delivery. Please bring your valid 21+ ID (from any state)  Driver may include a free sample or gift. First-time clients will be required to send an ID selfie before scheduling an appointment.
Cookie Time NJ delivers throughout the whole state of New Jersey.
Where is CookieTime NJ located?
Can I buy weed in New Jersey?
Cannabis is LEGAL in NJ and you are able to possess 1 ounce or less of marijuana. BUT, you cannot sell weed or buy weed from a dispensary like you can in Colorado or Los Angeles. NJ’S MARIJUANA LAWS can be found here. We sell cookies. With each cookie purchase, you may receive marijuana flower or edibles from the driver as an optional gift. 
Do I need a medical card to buy weed in NJ?
No, as of January, 1st 2021, adult use of recreational marijuana is legal in New Jersey. However, to visit an existing medicinal dispensary, you would need a medical card.
Do you deliver weed?
We deliver cookies. We do not sell any weed products. We only recommend the best strain or edibles to go with our cookies. However, our drivers may include a free sample or gift of weed. That is his/her’s personal choice, as one consenting adult to another. Join our newsletter to be the first to know exclusive updates!
How do I know what gift is best for me?

You can read the descriptions under each gift when you click on them on the menu page.

When do you change the menu?

We update our menu weekly. We usually sell out before the day is over. Please order early to avoid any issues!

How can I get more help?

Email us at:

Text: 347-942-5050


10 AM - 8 PM